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Making the world a better place, one marriage at a time

Dating For Marriage Success

Get it right FIRST time – Empowered life partner search.

After the Wedding

The first year of marriage – laying the foundations well.

Growing Our Love and Our Family

Surmounting the challenges together.

Empty Nesters and Beyond

Rejuvenating our marriage and enjoying the golden years together.

Marriage success is something most of us strive for, yet it isn’t always easy to achieve.
We aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to have a successful lifelong marriage.


Although my partner didn’t want to participate, Judith encouraged me that coaching will be effective even if only one partner participates. She was right. It saved our relationship. So much has changed! Now we communicate calmly and respectfully, have a system for resolving any issues, there is a level of trust and feelings of being loved and accepted we hadn’t experienced previously. I highly recommend working with Judith.

Mary, NSW Australia

This should be made compulsory for couples wanting to get married. At last I can see light at the end of a very difficult tunnel.


“I would recommend this workshop to my friends as the content was useful and engaging. I have practical tips now to put into action which I will be able to use not only with my partner but with my children as well.


This will be very useful for me in my relationships.