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Judith says:

“I have a love for people and a deep conviction that marriage done well is one of the greatest blessings affecting every member of the family, community and society.

Marriage is my specialty. This is the one relationship that interests and excites me most. I am passionate about lifelong, loving marriages. I enjoy figuring out better ways of relating and making my own marriage everything it is created to be. Having come from a family of divorce, I know first hand the devastation it has on lives, decades and even generations on. I seem to have a gift for encouraging positive change in people’s lives and have helped many a discouraged couple to stay the course.

In 2013, I discovered Relationship Coaching. It didn’t take me long to sign up to study and become a Certified Professional Coach and a Licensed Singles and Couples Coach. The best part is that it was the coaching that finally helped us, my husband and I, make the changes we needed to have the delightful marriage we now enjoy. We have been married for 41 years and have six beautiful children, three of whom are still at home with us.

I founded The Higher Way – Marriage Success Academy in 2016, to “make the world a better place – one marriage at a time”. I do this by offering seminars and workshops and working one on one or couple to one. I have something for every marriage-minded person whether they are:

– still single, preparing to find their life partner

– pre-committed couple wondering if they are right for each other

– pre-marital couple making sure they are in alignment with each other’s hopes and dreams

– first year married couples building good patterns

– married couples who didn’t have the privilege of the above, and are struggling

– wives whose husbands are not available for coaching

– happily married couples who are looking to take their happiness to the next level.

It is exciting to see lives enriched, relationships mended, families stay together, children continue to be brought up by their natural or current step parents, hope and love re-kindled and couples and families thrive.

When I am not working, I am kept busy with my own beautiful family. We enjoy bicycling, kayaking, traveling, gardeing and just hanging out together.

My highest joy is walking ever closer with my Creator.”


Now, I would love to hear your story, what your hopes, desires and challenges are. Let’s have a chat and find out the next best steps to make those hopes and dreams come true.

To see my calendar and to book a no obligation, complementary Marriage Success Strategy Call, click here.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Spreading Hope, Love, Peace and Joy,