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Marriage Success Quiz


A fun test on what it takes to have a successful marriage, and how to achieve it. Decide whether the following statements are true or false.


For a marriage to be successful it is important never to disagree.

In a successful marriage the partners always feel loved and loving.

Marriage is easy. All you need is love.

When your partner loves you he/she will just know what you want and need.

When you are deeply unhappy for a prolonged period of time, even years, your marriage can still turn around and become a happy marriage.

When after marrying you find out that you are too different, it is better to get a divorce and find someone you can have a good marriage with.

If your spouse doesn’t know how you feel about things they do, it means they don’t love and care about you.

In a successful marriage couples do everything together.

Couples who enjoy a fulfilling sex life always get in the mood spontaneously.

Successful married couples put the children first before their partner.

In a successful marriage you don’t have any unresolvable differences.

Knowing what to do to make a marriage successful comes naturally, and if we are having struggles it is because there is something wrong with our marriage.

Successful marriages are built with intention, and the skills needed can be learned.

Successful couples do not rely on their spouse to meet all their needs.

Effective communication skills are an essential part of a successful marriage and can be learned.

Successful couples recognise the importance of scheduled times for dates and sex and do not let other things take priority.

For a marriage to improve you need both partners to want to change.

An unhappy marriage will always remain unhappy.

It is not good to stay together just for the children’s sake.

If you have been working on your marriage and it has not improved, you should work harder.

Thank you for taking our survey.

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